Make the Move from Agent to Entrepreneur

Make the Move from Agent to Entrepreneur

Bradford Real Estate equips agents in Middle Tennessee with the support, technology, expertise, and encouragement needed to faithfully serve clients while growing their business.

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At Bradford Real Estate, we believe that in order to do that, our Real Estate Professionals need to have the flexibility and autonomy to run their business how they see fit. Just like any business owner, you know your clients best, and you should have the ability to tailor your services to fit your client’s needs. Here at Bradford, we strive to give you the plan options and support you need in order to accomplish this.

Since we are a 100% commission brokerage, we realize that our success depends deeply on your success, which is why we offer unmatched support through our concierge as well as an a la carte menu of services that help put you in control.

  • Unmatched Office Support

    Our Principal Broker at Bradford is non-competing, which means his main focus is YOU as a Real Estate Professional at Bradford. Our office manager and admins are here to help with everything from greeting your clients to answering paperwork and marketing questions.

  • 100% Commission Structure

    Bradford Real Estate was built buy agents for agents, so we know how hard you work for those commissions. As a Real Estate Professional at Bradford, you keep 100% of your commission 100% of the time.

  • Build Your Business

    At Bradford Real Estate, we strive to create a culture where we can work together as Real Estate Professionals and build our businesses through networking events, happy hours, and trainings.

  • We Share Profits

    In 2020, Bradford Real Estate released its profit-sharing program with its Real Estate Professionals. As a Real Estate Professional at Bradford, you are eligible to potentially earn a share of our profits at the end of the year!

Meet Our Family Schedule A Tour

The best way to experience our culture of support, encouragement and the overall family atmosphere is to visit our home on Bradford Avenue just south of downtown. Select a time and date from the calendar below to get an inside look at Bradford from Principal Broker Scott Richardson.

Our Mission

We are the real estate firm for entrepreneurs. We help Real Estate Professionals create wealth - and use that wealth for good. We believe that "To whom much is given, much is expected."

Our Vision

We are Nashville's premier real estate firm. We are generous in our words and actions. Our team consists only of the most excellent and striving Real Estate Professionals, who raise the bar for our firm and for real estate in the greater Nashville area.

What People Are Saying

At Bradford Real Estate, we strive to create an environment that allows our Real Estate Professionals to run their business their way. We are the ideal brokerage for those with an entrepreneurial mindset. Whether you are doing real estate part-time, full-time, independently, or wanting to start your own team, Bradford offers the support and freedom you need to run a successful real estate business.


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