5 Easy DIY and Budget-Friendly Home Upgrades

Whether you’re still working from home, or now stuck indoors because of the Nashville winter storm, homeowners can incorporate a few simple ideas, making your home appear effortlessly staged, thus increasing your home value. Here are the top 5 easy, DIY, and budget-friendly tips that will upgrade your home.

  1. Hardware – one of the easiest things to switch out that often goes overlooked. Many DIYers are turning to amazon to get inexpensive, trendy hardware for their kitchen and bathroom cabinets. The most popular trending colors are brass and matte black, but any updated style that is inexpensive to swap out will help customize your home for a more modern look
  2. Mirrors – mirrors allow your space more natural light, and a statement or large mirror will give the illusion of more space
  3. Faux Greenery – one of the most effortless and timeless home décor/staging trends is incorporating greenery into your space. Fig trees are popular and versatile, but do not thrive indoors. Opting for a faux, realistic looking fig tree, will create a refined and natural look. Place your faux greenery  in a woven basket or in a concrete planter for an industrial modern look.
  4. Curtains  – consider sturdy, linen curtains for a airy, open, and neutral look. Updating your curtains can be an inexpensive upgrade that can look luxurious by adding your own pleats
  5. Bathroom Accessories – swapping out old bath mats and rugs for a  clean, new accessories. Bathrooms are typically overlooked, but homebuyers will notice an old rug or shower curtain liner. Opting for a plush rug, teakwood bath mat, or sleek bathroom accessories will give transform your bathroom to an at home spa-scape

Source: https://www.felixhomes.com/blog/staging-home-on-a-budget


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