Daily Habits of Top Producers

Running your own real estate business is difficult to say the least. As a real estate professional, you must be extremely self motivated and self disciplined. This helps you stay engaged and bringing in business. Here are 8 daily habits from some of Salt Lake’s top Realtors on how to conduct your day:

  1. Plan Your Day Before it Starts – the night before, write down a list of some of your top priorities for the next day. Then you know which tasks to begin tackling first in the morning!
  2. Write Valuable Blog Content – Publishing quality content will make you that much more likely to be discovered by buyers and sellers. Making blogging a priority will bring you results!
  3. Invest in a Great Website – You have to spend money to make money. Too many real estate professionals refuse to invest back into their business. Having a user friendly, information, top notch website will help drastically with your credibility as a real estate professional. We love Boomtown which doubles as a CRM and website.
  4. Network and Socialize Daily – Networking is the name of the game! You should be handing out at least 3 business cards daily to help bring in new business. Host events for past clients, neighbors, and friends and tell them to bring a guest or two to get that repeat business while seeing new faces as well! See Nashville networking events here.
  5. Give to Get – Social media is so important in real estate nowadays. Share and promote the content of other top Realtors, who will hopefully return the favor. This is also a great thing to do with local businesses!
  6. Put Clients Needs First – Add anything your clients need immediately to the top of your list! As a Realtor they are your number 1 priority and it will make all the difference when it comes to repeat business and referrals.
  7. Stay on Top of Social Media – Social media is so important for brand awareness and presence in order to stay top of mind. A very low percentage of homeowners use the same Realtor a second time, mainly because they can’t remember their name! Be sure to use social media as a tool to stay top of mind with your clients.
  8. Respond Quickly to Leads – Respond to ALL leads that come from online! You’d be surprised how few Realtors actually call them back! The faster you are to respond to a lead the more likely you are able to convince them to work with you!

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