Emails to Send for Referrals & Repeat Business

For many real estate professionals, referrals are what brings in a majority of their clients throughout their career. Referrals are nice because you likely don’t have to pay anything for the lead, like you would a lead generator such as Zillow, unless it’s referred by another licensed real estate professional. Here are some emails to send your clients from to drive referrals and repeat business and stay top of mind!

  1. Answer common questions about buying and selling. Example subjects include:
    • Do windows increase home value?
    • What’s are the different inspections to get when buying a home?
    • What is an appraisal and how will it affect my home purchase?
  2. Testimonials. Sending testimonials just shows you’ve helped happy customers! It will help build your credibility and you client’s confidence in you.
  3. New listing announcements. Obviously everyone in your database is probably not actively searching for a home, but they might know someone who is! Sending bulk new listing emails will help get you the most exposure on your new listings and potential referrals.
  4. Upcoming events. When throwing happy hours and other events, it’s the invite that counts! Your entire database obviously won’t be able to attend, however most appreciate the invite and knowing you thought of them.
  5. Home Anniversaries. Most families don’t use the same real estate agent a second time and the main reason why is due to the fact they simply cannot remember their agent’s name. Sending home anniversary emails is a good way to stay top of mind and a good bridge to set up a lunch or coffee to catch up with your clients.
  6. Investment Opportunities. Investment opportunities are a great way to touch clients with information they may find helpful or interesting. Even if your clients haven’t considered investing in the past, this gives them the opportunity to connect with you and learn more.

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