Increasing Your Productivity

With everything going on in the world, staying on task and staying focused is seemingly impossible. While it takes time to cultivate habits to improve your productivity and work ethic, here are a few tips as to how to begin making the most of your time and increasing your productivity.

1. Make a to-do list & make it reasonable- writing down what you need to get done is a great way to stay on top of things and stay organized. However, make sure this list is reasonable. Make sure to understand some tasks take much longer than others to complete which can create a imbalance in your plan.

2. Break large goals into smaller tasks- goals feel much more attainable when you break them into smaller, chewable sections. Rather than overwhelming yourself with a long list of time consuming goals, dividing those into smaller tasks will help you stay motivated and focused. If your goal is to say… post a blog tomorrow. Begin with- Choose blog topic, research blog post, create outline, write blog, post blog. This will help you step by step complete your goals.

3. Group similar tasks together- when you get in the zone of completing similar tasks, you’re way more likely to stay on track than if your jumping back and forth from task to task. Friction is created with you switch between tasks from starting and stopping, opening and closing, beginning and ending. It’s also much easier to get distracted between tasks. If you begin answering emails, answer all your emails before starting to work on something else to stay focused.

4. Keep track of your time- Everyone has hours in the day that you are naturally more productive than others. Whether for you thats at 6am to 2pm, take advantage of those work hours. Delegate your responsibilities so you are able to ensure you are maximizing that opportunity and staying focused and on track.

5. Take breaks- this is so important for maximizing your productivity, though many tend to overlook it. Taking breaks allows you to reset your mind and reset your focus. Work for 25 minutes followed by a 5 minute break. Make sure during the break you are still staying active. Take a walk around your office, go outside, or do jumping jacks to stay alert.

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