Spring Clean Your Business

While summer is quickly approaching, it’s the perfect time to finish that spring cleaning with your business. Bring new energy, practices, and perspective into your business again!

  • Start with your workspace. Working in a clean and organized environment will help boost productivity and positivity. Get rid of all unnecessary papers that may’ve piled up recently and eliminate those non-essential items covering your desk. Doing this at the end of every week will help declutter and make you feel even more refreshed to get back to work Monday morning. While many real estate professionals may have mobile or many spaces as “offices” this also goes for your computer! Organize those files cluttering your desktop, clear out your email inbox, and unsubscribe from messages you don’t read. 
  • Next spring-clean your work habits. This refresh is a great time to make positive changes in your business habits! Any negative habits or things that have been holding you back should be turned into positive ones. If it’s always working from a messy desk, choose to resolve, file, or discard papers as soon as they enter your possession. If you find you’ve been procrastinating lately, start writing to-do lists with your top priorities first, or scheduling tasks on your calendar. These positive habits will make you more productive, improve your performance and help you run your business more efficiently.
  • Then clean up your database. In real estate, clients are the core of our businesses. Repeat business and referrals are much easier to obtain than new clients so be sure to show your database some love! Organize your clients in groups based on how many referrals they send, how often they use you, etc. This will help you market to your database more effectively.
  • Finally, spring-clean your goals. Look back on your last few months and see if you are still on track to meet your goals at the end of the year. Focus efforts where you are seeing the greatest reward and progress toward meeting your goals.

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