Spring Landscape Ideas to Increase Home Value

Increase your Resale Value

Spring season is here and the warmer weather in Nashville is the perfect time to start planning your outdoor projects. Starting a landscaping project early also gives enough time for any plants to settle and grow around the landscape in the spring and summer months. Landscaping and outdoor design can increase home value by an average of 20%; it can also:

  • Raise property value by 12%
  • Increase your return on investment to over 50%
  • Decrease the amount of time your home is on the market

Investopedia suggests homeowners budget about ten percent of the home value into landscape and exterior design. By softscaping (use of plants, shrubs, trees) and hardscaping (lighting and outdoor structures), homeowners can improve their personal residence and the resale value.

What is hardscaping?

In part 2 of the spring landscaping series, this post highlights hardscaping elements to incorporate into a home’s landscape. Simply put, hardscaping is the “hard” or non-living landscaping elements, which includes materials such as rock and stone as well as mad-made structures like pergolas, patios, retaining walls, etc.

Restaining/repainting patios and decks

Giving your deck or patio a quick refresh will give your landscape an updated look. Winter can weather paint, and the warm weather is a good time to get a start with a simple outdoor project.

Build outdoor structures

Pergolas, pavilions, and awnings are similar outdoor structures that could provide extra shade and create additional gathering space outdoors.

Add a water or fire element

Pave the way for a fountain or waterfall feature, or consider adding a firepit for the more breezier spring and summer night gettogethers.





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