The Story Behind The Bradford Logo

Where did you come up with the Bradford logo?” is a question that Kyle Felts, Founder of Bradford Real Estate, gets a lot. “Let me start with the proper answer: Our logo is based on the Juniper tree that is known for its roots. I grew up here in Nashville and this city means so much to me and my family. On my personal team, we have seven natives of Nashville, and many of our real estate professionals on the Bradford Real Estate team also grew up here, including our Principal Broker, Scott Richardson. Needless to say, our Bradford roots are strong here in Nashville.”

Kyle continues, “I should also be honest and admit that my love for the Karate Kid and the Juniper’s resemblance to the Bonsai tree certainly helped make it all come together.

The Bradford Difference

When Kyle Felts founded Bradford Real Estate, he wanted it to be something the other firms weren’t. As a veteran in the industry, Kyle knew what worked and what didn’t. He created Bradford to be a place where real estate entrepreneurs could run their business the way they want. He wanted his Nashville roots to show from not only a real estate standpoint, but also through community involvement and giving back.

At Bradford Real Estate, we are a family. We learn from one another, we support each other and we succeed together. If you are interested in learning more about joining Bradford Real Estate, shoot us an email or call us at (615) 279-5310! We would love to hear from you!

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